Micro Brain Flybarless System



CHF 119.90

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Micro Brain Flybarless System

Inkl. Adapter um micro USB Kabel direkt anzuschliessen. Satelliten und S-Bus Adapter im Lieferumfang.


-RX support Spektrum DSMX DSM2, Futaba S-BUS S-BUS2 PPM SUM, Graupner Hott Sumd, Multiplex SRXL, JR XBUS B, UDI (all connection cables included)

-Self leveling/Rescue

-Optional Bluetooth module with Android App

-3 flight banks. Great for trying new settings, optimizing for diff headspeeds, etc.

-Pitch Pump. Really helps with micro collective authority making tic tocs much easier, and pop and lock a lot more fun

-Ability to save and share config files with other pilots

-Built in flight counter

-Full PC interface for configuration.

-Support for custom cyclic servos like the blue arrow that require reversing

-Support for higher end tail servos

-Superior vibration immunity based on hardware filter technology. Very high tolerance to models that are not so perfect (many crashes on mine with extra vibes but still flies great)

-Incredible piro consistency through high speed maneuvers. Piro comp

-Fully tunable tail including tail precomp, stops etc. the improvement on the tail is profound

-Easy servo position trimming for the cyclic and tail.

-Much greater ability to tune and optimize for different blade choices

-Big firmware improvements over time. A lot of Brain features coming that work with the uBrain and full size.