Brushed Flight Controller 


Scisky Micro 32b F3 Brushed FC+ Receiver+VTX 25MW +OSD+Camera


CHF 89.90

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Wird ab sofort mit Betaflight 3.0.1. bereits geflasht ausgeliefert und vorkonfiguriert für direktes BNF mit Spektrum Sender der G2 DX6, DX7, DX8, DX9, DX18


Sendereinstellungen und Anleitung als Download erhältlich weiter unten. Folgende Funktionen sind bereits programmiert:


Hold / Motor aus - Schalter hinten links

Flugzustand - 0=Stabilisiert / 1=Acro / 2=Airmode

Mit integriertem Spektrum DSM2 und DSMX Empfänger


Cleanflight und Betaflight kompatibel


It includes one Scisky F3 flight control board with DSMX/2 RX, one VTX 25MW, one analog camera

The weight for the whole set is 6.7g.


Size of F3 FC: 20.0*33.5*6.0mm (not including the USB protruding part)

Weight of F3 FC:2.5g

On board brushed ESC: continuous working current is 4.2A, max current is 6A(5S);


Scisky F3 brushed flight control board based on F3 EVO hardware, supports CleanFlight and BetaFlight firmware. There are 3 kinds of hardware for its built-in compatible receiver: A---CYRF6936, B---CC2500,C---A7105. There are 6 option protocols for the built-in compatible receiver: 1=>DSMX/2; 2 =>DEVO (on testing); 3 =>Futaba SFHSS; 4=> FrSky (on testing); 5=> FlySky AFHDS; 6=>Hubsan;


MX VTX 25MW module (video transmitter) can be plugged and installed on Scisky F3 brushed flight control board directly, no soldering is needed, and also you can plug and play MX VTX-25MW & OSD and the analog camera, please check the following picture for reference:




1) STM32F303CCT6 main controller;

2) MPU6500 sensor (SPI way)

3) 6 optional built-in receivers;

4) Onboard 5V/1000mA DCDC booster circuit;

5) 4 built-in brushed ESCs (each brushed ESC can support current up to 6A);

6) No need soldering for installing VTX-25MW module or VTX-25MW & OSD module (note: analog VTX is 40CH)

7) Every built-in receiver on the board outputs receiver signal in the same 8CH PPM format and order, the channel number depends on customer’s transmitter;

8) Customer can set up the working frequency of VTX according to his own request through transmitter;



Ports diagram (same on all of the Scisky F3 brushed FCs)

M1~M4 ports are for connecting brushed motors, each of which is marked S1, S2, S3 and S4 on the board, “+” is for positive of the brushed motor. COM1 and COM2 are for MX VTX-25MW or MX VTX-25MW & OSD.

Binding operation:

Two ways for binding operation: the first way is to long press the button for 2 seconds and enters binding mode; the second way is timeout binding mode.

The built-in receiver for entering binding mode in the first way: 3=> Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver;

The built-in receiver for entering binding mode in the second way: 1=>DSMX/2; 2 =>DEVO (on testing); 4=> FrSky (on testing); 5=> FlySky AFHDS; 6=>Hubsan;

Note: LED light A flashes quickly indicates entering binding mode, solid LED light A indicates signal is received and stable.


Frequency checking and setting up on analog video transmitter (the operation way will be changed according to feedback from customers)

6 LED lights on the board indicates the working frequency of the video transmitter in binary calculation way, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3 represent 5 groups of frequency, LED A, LED B and LED C show 8 frequencies.


Pull the throttle to lowest, press the button slightly, you can check the current working frequency of the VTX (LED lights flash twice); Push the throttle to mid range, double press the button and then enters frequency set up mode; The LED light group shows the current working frequency when the VTX enters frequency set up mode, push or pull Elevator stick up and down, you can change the frequency groups (5 groups), pull Aileron stick right or left, you can change frequency points (8 frequency points in total); After finishing frequency set up, pull or push the throttle stick to highest or lowest position, frequency set up mode quits and the frequency changes to the set up frequency which is save on VTX, LED group lights flashes twice indicates the finished operation.

MX VTX-25MW & OSD module: MX VTX-25MW integrated with OSD, plug and play;


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