JST XH Balancerboard


CHF 6.90

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Material: PCB + Plastic

Color: White + Green

Connecter 2S - 6S for ThunderPower / FlightPower

Connecter 2S - 6S for Poly - Power / Align

Connecter 2S - 6S for Hyperion / PolyQuest

Connecter 2S - 6S for Robbe / Graupener/Kokam

6S connecter for balancer wire to plug chargers from different brand


Only for experienced model builders: On the free plug - in place can request a custom plug - in system to be soldered. In addition, remove the foam/insulation on the back of the balancer-card into the appropriate area and solder the contacts. Then isolate the solder joints with the removed insulation / foam again.


Package includes:


Board x1

Plug line x1

User manual x1