Team Corally Lötstation 75W


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Soldering Station 75W

Microprocessor Controlled Temperature


The Team Corally Soldering Station 75 is fully packed with amazing

features. With 75W it features an extreme power and together with the

high-power Hakko heating element it reaches the working temperature

unbelievably fast. You get perfect soldering joints on batteries, motors

or speed controls with very few waiting time.


The Team Corally Soldering Station 75 is microprocessor controlled for

easiest setup and super fast temperature adjustment within 1 degree

celsius increments.


Easy to replace soldering tips

The soldering tips of the 75W soldering handle with its comfortable

rubber grip can easily be replaced in seconds without any tools.

Sleeping mode and automatic shutdown


The Team Corally constant temperature soldering station 75 automatically

detects its own working status. When not in use, it will be in

a quiescent state. When arriving to the set sleep time, the iron will be

lowered to 200 ° C in temperature, so as to enter into the sleep state.


After the soldering iron enter into the sleep state, the program starts

timing. If the soldering iron is still in the sleep state within the set

shutdown time, the equipment will be automatic power off to save

energy and for extra safety. The automatic shutdown time range is

from 0 to 99 minutes


The temperature can be displayed eather in Celsius or Fahrenheit


Temperature Range: 200 - 450° Celsius